Thursday, October 28, 2010

Additional DFL Ads Show They are What We Thought They Were -- Anti-Catholic

It seems my earlier post on the DFL's mailer against Dan Hall was half-right twice. As the American Papist illustrates, this is more than an "unfortunate decision" as the archdiocese originally hoped. Look at each of the three mailers below, and it is a clear attack not only against Dan Hall, but an attempt to smear the Church and the well-known to be orthodox Catholic candidate for Minnesota governor, Tom Emmer, by stealing on Catholic imagery.

Now here's a couple questions:

  1. Democrat gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton saw fit to call the first ad "inappropriate." Did I miss any similar statements from the party's prominent Catholics (earlier candidates for governor, US House members, etc.)?
  2. As K-Lo notes, the provocative nature of the mailer from the state party (not Mr. Hall's opponent) indicates this was intended to draw attention (although I doubt they expected a national story), presumably to help GOTV statewide. Should we then conclude the DFL base is anti-Catholic (actively opposes the one true Church, not the cafeterianist sect)?

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