Tuesday, April 24, 2012

3 ½ Time-outs

Around the Horn Edition
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The University of Minnesota has hired Norwood Teague as its new athletic director. Mr. Teague comes to the U from Virginia Commonwealth, where he established a record of fundraising and facilities development, both of which are glaring and growing needs at Minnesota. Critics are concerned that VCU does not have a varsity football program indicates a hole in his background, but supporters are quick to point out that that should make Teague feel right at home with the Golden Gophers.

The split earlier this month of “Mike and Ike” over “creative differences” has been characterized on both the left and the right as a gay “divorce.” However, as Anderson Cooper has reported, Mike and Ike are not gay, much less “married.” Just sayin’.

As of about noon CDT
US National Debt: $15,680,107,000,000 and counting
US National Debt to GDP: 103.67% and counting

-3 ½-
It looks like there is more hope on the horizon for the “folically challenged,” this time through stem cell therapy:


  1. Your debt detail was depressing. But facts are facts...

  2. Sorry, Larry. Try taking two "we can just grow our way out of debt" pills and you'll feel better.



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