Friday, November 09, 2012

So Now That We're Here, Where Are We?

In the end, the Republican Party (as the bearer of today's political conservatism) is basically where I thought it was five years ago (pre-Tea Party, pre-Obama), struggling with a bit of an identity crisis, as parties occasionally do. So what's next for the party? Do a reality check, of course, and that means ignoring most of what's being said this week.
ERICK ERICKSON - We are three days removed from a brutal election for the GOP. A lot has been said.

I have decided it is virtually all bull crap.

Whenever the GOP loses — actually going back to some time around 1972 and the re-election of Richard Nixon — Democrats have told the GOP they are going to lose the demographic battle. Demography is only destiny when you party is obsessed with race as the Democrats are.

Let me explain my thinking with a story from the Old Testament people tend to ignore and work my way up to Dick Cheney. Seriously.

In the Old Testament, Moses had an apprentice named Joshua. Chosen by God to be Moses’s right hand, Joshua took over from Moses. When Joshua died, the wheels came off. Don’t believe me? Flip your Bible to Judges 2:7. Joshua died and all the elders who had surrounded Joshua died. Within five verses we are to “And the people of Israel did what was evil in the sight of the Lord and served the Baals.”

Five verses later!!

No, Baal has nothing to do with Dick Cheney. continue reading...

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