Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lest We Forget: Obamacare Summed Up in One Sentence [Video]

Cry all you want about the solidarity and social justice of this non-universal universal health care scheme, but at some point everyone will have to face the fact that the probability of it working anywhere near as intended is zero.

Link to video.

Now, I know this is not slavishly accurate, but it is correct in the main. And if you dispute that, consider this from Thomas Sowell:
One of the strongest talking points of those who want a government-run medical care system is that we simply cannot afford the high and rising costs of medical care under the current system.

First of all, what we can afford has absolutely nothing to do with the cost of producing anything. We will either pay those costs or not get the benefits. Moreover, if we cannot afford the quantity and quality of medical care that we want now, the government has no miraculous way of enabling us to afford it in the future.

If you think the government can lower medical costs by eliminating "waste, fraud and abuse," as some Washington politicians claim, the logical question is: Why haven't they done that already?

Over the years, scandal after scandal has shown waste, fraud and abuse to be rampant in Medicare and Medicaid. Why would anyone imagine that a new government medical program will do what existing government medical programs have clearly failed to do?

If we cannot afford to pay for doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical drugs now, how can we afford to pay for doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical drugs, in addition to a new federal bureaucracy to administer a government-run medical system? (emphasis added)
What could possibly go wrong? Indeed.


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